Classic Sicilian Arancini




Preparation: 1 day of pre -preparation – 1 ½ Hour of preparation ingredients for 4 people

Lesson Duration: 2 Hours

Sicilian arancini: Arancini – small oranges in English are delicious, crispy, deep fried Sicilian balls of rice. The original recipe calls for meat sauce, peas and cheese filling and crunchy breadcrumb coating. But you’ll find several enticing variations served all over Sicily and that you can prepare at home. Some of the most interesting ones I recall include: pistachio; swordfish; shrimp; eggplant; spicy ‘nduja sausage and prosciutto and cheese. I’ve also come across chocolate arancini! Don’t be intimidated by these delectable treats as they are quite easy to make, as long as the rice is cooked properly. You will immediately fall in love with them and will become your favorites appetizer or main course!


  • Rice: type Roma and Arborio
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Butter
  • saffron
  • cube stock

Bolognese sauce


  • chopped meat
  • tomato sauce
  • onion
  • peas
  • red wine


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