Fresh pasta dough




Preparation: 1 Hour ingredients for 4 people

Lesson Duration: 2 Hours

Homemade pasta dough—we’re talking the fresh stuff made from scratch in your own kitchen according to Italian tradition and followed step by step by the cook. Fresh pasta has a taste and texture that’s every iota as spectacular as you’d imagine. There are countless subtle variations on how to make fresh pasta, some quite a lot more complicated than others, yet this straightforward recipe if not correctly explained may be not so easy. All the tips and the difficulties faced at the moment and solved. Authentically Italian through and through. And lovely and tender enough to make you weep. You will be able to adapt it to so many different preparations you will be surprised of. Tie up your apron and let’s start kneading!


  • Semola flour
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil


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